Strategic Consulting

Market Analysis

Upside Communications performs the legwork needed for companies to develop powerful marketing strategies. Our market research looks at both the macro and micro pictures. Specifically, we evaluate the competitive landscape and dig into industry trends. Combined with comparative product analyses, our proprietary research can help you determine how to best position your products and services. Perception audits with customers and industry associations can be conducted so you can capitalize on your strengths and identify areas that need to be fortified. Market surveillance — tracking of industry-specific data and trends, evaluating upcoming competitive products, and attending trade shows — provides the competitive intelligence you need to stay on top of the curve.

Capitalizing on competitive intelligence. That’s Upside.

Strategic Advisory

Our strategic advisory services draw from our knowledge of how hundreds of companies have successfully pursued growth. We help you determine the “pay off” of a new segment starting with determining the “real” market opportunity and your penetration potential against the backdrop of the competitive landscape and industry dynamics. We perform risk/reward analyses balancing growth potential with capital and resource requirements and competitive challenges.

With regard to potential acquisitions, Upside Communications ascertains synergies, compares business models and cultures, assesses overlap in customer bases, determines cross-selling opportunities, and cites possible concerns/limits. In addition, we can act on your behalf with the target company’s management and/or financial advisor.

Charting strategic growth. That’s Upside.

Corporate Communications

Upside Communications brings our long tenure in the financial sector to our consultations. We can advise you on enhancing the effectiveness of communiqués and presentations to key stakeholders, including boards of directors and investors. Enumerating strategic direction and new products or initiatives is key. However, the ability to communicate difficult messages, e.g., setbacks, is often more important. We have an understanding of how to do this as well as how to position your “story” — be it an emerging force in your sector, a turnaround, or transformation.

Knowing key stakeholders. That’s Upside.